Do you remember the Austrian Otaku of the Year? This was a contest not too long ago, spread over several Austrian conventions. On these, you could collect points in various competitions to be crowned with the title ”biggest otaku of the year” at AniNite.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of AniNite last year, we came up with a similar idea – the Conathlon, which will be held for the second time this year!

Several Austrian conventions are represented at AniNite with a small contest or quiz. Collect points, get a taste of the Austrian convention feeling and win a Mega-Conticket with which you can enjoy free admission once at each of the participating conventions!

And this is how the Conathlon works:

  • Find the marked Conathlon program points in the program schedule and come to the respective stage 15 minutes before the program item takes place.
  • Get your collection pass directly from the moderator or at the information booth and participate in the program item.
  • The more points you collect, the more chances you have to win the Mega-Conticket!
  • On Sunday at the award ceremony you will find out who won the Mega-Conticket.

These conventions will be represented at the Conathlon at AniNite 2022 (the list will be updated):

Dreikampf (Yuki Matsuri)

You are fast?
You are fast and creative?
You are fast, creative and can handle confusing instructions?
You are fast, creative, can implement confusing instructions and are really FAST?

Then be sure to join us for our Yuki Matsuri speed triathlon! In three completely different categories you have to prove your speed and win against your fellow competitors!

The three categories will be as follows:

1. Estimate War’s
A guessing question is presented to the participants. Each participant writes a guess on a board, whoever is closest to the answer gets a point. Whoever has 3 points first wins the round.

2. Speed-Origami
Participants will be given a pile of origami paper and folding instructions, whoever can fold the most pieces in two minutes wins this round. In case of a tie, accuracy wins.

3. Mouth-Art
A picture is shown on the screen, the participants have to try to draw the picture as well as possible with a sharpie marker in one minute by holding the pen with their mouth. Using hands is not allowed!


Mr. & Ms. Fuyu (Fuyu Con)

1. Round: Dance Off! – All participants compete against each other in dance duels, where 2 opponents of the same category (Mr / Mrs) get one song each and have to convince the audience with their performance.

Round 2: The chemistry must be right! – The participants are put together in Mr. & Mrs. couples and have to convey to the audience why they are the perfect regent couple to the sound of love songs.

3. Round: Tell the World! – The finalists have to give a short speech why exactly they want to become Mr. or Mrs. Fuyu and after proving all their skills, now get the votes of the crowd.

Soundquiz (AkiCon)

Attention wise guys! In the sound quiz you can prove your knowledge of anime in various categories – there’s something for everyone.

Anyone can participate on site, you do not have to register!

However, if you want to join the Conthalon, these rules apply:
▶️ Register yourself and your group (a maximum of five of you can participate) at the info booth before the quiz. You can also get a Conathlon collection pass here if you don’t already have one.
▶️ Only as many groups can participate as we have space on the stage.

Join in, take a guess, have fun! 💛 ✨

„Uens, zwoa oder drei – letzte Chance … vorbei!“ (LoriCon)

Have you also always guessed along with excitement when you were watching TV back then? We dreamily think back … and use our nostalgia to make our own version of it!

The questions for the “LoriCon Uens, zwoa oder drei!” are coming from different areas. Manga, anime, games, but also western cartoons in anime style, as well as similar fandoms can appear! Don’t be afraid to join in, you can always guess if you’re not sure. Don’t take it too seriously ( because neither do we …), having fun in this game is definitely in the spotlight here!

“The LoriCon Uens, zwoa oder drei!” works as follows:
• You can enter your answers via the website!
There are 3 answer options per question. The Game PIN is displayed on the stage during the program item.
• You need a smartphone to join.
• Not only whether your answers are correct, but also the speed at which they are given is important! The faster you are, the more points you get per question!
• You can participate as an individual or in a team. The participant limit is 50 people or teams.

We look forward to having fun with you – and to your participation! Come by and try your luck!

“Estimate the price!” (AniMarket)

Like in the classic game show of the 90s, we show you products and services for which you have to give as accurate a guess as possible of how high the price tag on them will turn out to be.

Can you guess how much a JoJo’s-Bizarre Adventure Limited Edition tie pin costs or a One Piece eraser? Then “Estimate the price!” is the right thing for you!

Show everyone what a financial genius you are and join our guessing fun!

??? (???)

Additional participating conventions and program items will be announced on an ongoing basis.