This year, for the first time in the history of AniNite, we also offer a place for cosplayers to present themselves and network:

The Cosplay Alley

This Cosplay Alley welcomes cosplayers who want to have a booth at a convention for the first time as well as experienced cosplayers. We offer these three types of booths:

Travelling table
• free of charge | AniNite ticket is not included.
• 3 hours on one day of AniNite

Perfect for anyone who wants to try having a booth at a convention. After three hours, your table will be cleared and you can enjoy the convention.

Day Table
• TBA.
• a whole day at AniNite

Want a booth at AniNite, but can only be there for one day or want to enjoy the convention? Then a day table is the right thing for you!

Fixed table
• for the entire duration of AniNite

Whether you’ve had a booth at the convention before or want to give it a try, a fixed table will secure you a spot for the entire duration of AniNite.

Registration will start soon!