Here you can find some Covid-19 measures that we recommend to all visitors to make the convention safe. We’re sure you already know some, if not all, of these measures. But now that many major events are taking place without measures and quarantine is no longer mandatory for those who are infected, we want to remind you of the most important measures:

Protect yourself, protect your environment!

If you feel sick, please stay at home. You can also watch AniNite on our two Twitch channels(animangastreams & animangastreams2)!

Disinfect and clean your hands sufficiently. There are plenty of disinfectant dispensers throughout the site at AniNite.

If you feel sick at AniNite, please go to our paramedics on site.


You do not need to show proof of full vaccination or a valid test certificate to attend AniNite. However, we do ask that you take a test Wednesday and Thursday before and regularly after AniNite. If you have been infected with Covid-19 prior to AniNite, please send us a message with a picture of your AniNite ticket (with your name or nickname written on it) and your positive test result. If you invalidate your AniNite ticket, for example if you cut it up, we can transfer it to next year. That way you won’t pay admission next year.


According to the current legal situation, there is no obligation to wear FFP2 masks or mouth-nose protection. However, we ask you to put on your FFP2 or mouth/nose mask, especially in confined spaces.

Distance rules

According to the current legal situation, there is no requirement to maintain a minimum distance to other visitors. However, this year we have gotten some additional spaces to provide even more program for our community. If the dealer room is very full, look to the other areas as well! There is a lot to discover at AniNite. Here you can find our map.

We really appreciate our responsible community that tests itself before and after conventions and we say THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping to make AniNite safer for all of us! 💛