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Japan Special!?

This year at AniNite, in addition to the regular fanart contest, there will be a Japan Special. Here you can choose a traditional Japanese woodblock print and reinterpret it in your style.

The way you go about it is up to you. For example, you can fill a landscape of Hokusai or Hiroshige with your favorite characters from anime and manga, or redraw a bijin-ga image of Keisai Eisen with your original characters.

As long as there is a clear connection between the ukiyo-e image you have chosen and your submission, anything goes!

You can find a large collection of ukiyo-e works at www.ukiyo-e.org, for example.

Picture by Kabujiro


Beginner ● Advanced

Conditions of participation:

● If you cannot be present at the award ceremony (Sunday), you must report this at the information desk and provide contact details. You can also provide the contact details of a substitute (full name of the person; the person must be able to identify themself)!
● Prices will NEVER be sent on abroad!
● The registration form must be filled out COMPLETELY, incomplete form = competition exclusion.
● By submitting, you agree that your image will be displayed on the Gallery Wall at the event location during AniNite and uploaded to the social media channels or the AniNite website. All rights to your work remain with you.
● The entry must remain unpublished until the winners are announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday at AniNite. After that, feel free to share them on various platforms.


● Your work must be at least A5, maximum A4 in size. This applies to traditional and digital drawings. Please make sure that the file has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. You can upload submissions via a file sharing website like Dropbox and then share the link with us in the registraton form.
One entry per person is possible.
● The competition is divided into two categories: Beginner and Advanced. When submitting, please indicate which of these two categories you are submitting for.
● The image must show a clear reference to the ukiyo-e original. To do this, you must specify in your entry which woodcut you took as inspiration.
● We reserve the right to disqualify images that are obviously stolen/copied. Your chosen ukiyo-e work should serve as inspiration and not be copied/traced 1:1.
● If characters or elements from anime and manga are used, the seriesand character names must be included in the brief description of the work. If you add OCs, please note their names as well.
Protection of minors: Pictures that obviously contain pornographic, violence glorifying or similar topics will also be disqualified. ● Please remember that minors will also be attending AniNite.

Registration Form

To participate, the participation form must be filled out completely.
You can send in your works until July 13 (until midnight). If your submission is successful,
you will receive a confirmation email.


All entries will be displayed on the Gallery Wallduring AniNite.

Der erste Platz jeder Kategorie bekommt Sachpreise. In addition, certificates + mini trophieswill be awarded for the first 3 places in each category.

All winners will be announced on Sundayof AniNite during the award ceremony. Please do not forget: You must be present to receive the prize.

If you cannot be present, please nominate a substitute at the information desk in the entrance hall (full name of the person; the person must be able to identify him/herself).


Still have some unanswered questions?
Then do not hesitate and write us via the contact form with the subject “Ukiyo-e”. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.