Our Open Stage welcomes singer/songwriters and bands making music inspired by anime, videogames, and J-music.
Soon there will be more information here about the timetable and the musicians who will be participating!

Are you a singer/songwriter or do you have a band that would be a good fit for our Open Stage? Then apply to join us!


Until 1.8.2022, 23:59 you can apply for a slot. You will receive a fixed confirmation from us by mail. If you have any questions about the Open Stage, please contact us using the contact form.

    1. All information about you or your band

    2. All info about the tech details & your performance

    We provide you with the following free of charge:

    • 1 PA or 1 analog mixer (EPM8)
    • 1 DI-Box
    • 1 Technician
    • 1 3x3 tent

    The day of your performance
    Let us know here which day you can make your appearance at AniNite. Your final time slot will be sent to you by mail.


    By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read the house rules of the AniNite. The house rules can be viewed online at any time at https://www.aninite.at/hausordnung/ or are available upon request. The panel/workshop is considered booked when a written confirmation has been received from the organizer. The transmission of the contract is done electronically and has to be handed over to the responsible area manager. *

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