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Picture: Hillinger Photography, AniNite 2021

This year we have a cosplayphoto contest at AniNite again!

THEME: Secret Dreams
Everyone has secret desires or dreams that one does not dare to reveal.


Out of Cam
Either directly from your camera or only the most necessary may be corrected

Edit Lovers
Edit as much as you want

Conditions of participation:

● If you cannot be present at the award ceremony (Sunday), you must report this at the information desk and provide contact details. You can also provide the contact details of a substitute (full name of the person; the person must be able to identify themself)!
● Prices will NEVER be sent on abroad!
● The registration form must be filled out COMPLETELY, incomplete form = competition exclusion.
● By submitting, you agree that your image will be displayed on the Gallery Wall at the event location during AniNite and uploaded to the social media channels and the AniNite website. All rights to your work remain with you.
● The entry must remain unpublished until the winners are announced. After that, feel free to share them on various platforms.


Deadline: 07/13/2022 by midnight.
● Only one picture per participant may be entered in the respective category.
● There must be at least one cosplayerin the picture.
● Your image must be at least 2000 x 3000 pixels and submitted as a JPG.
● Your image must not contain a logo/watermark.
● The image must have been created by yourself and explicitly for this contest.
● In addition to the image submitted to the contest, the unedited original (as saved by the camera) must also be sent.
Protection of minors: Pictures that obviously contain pornographic, violence glorifying or similar topics will also be disqualified. ● Please remember that minors will also be attending AniNite.
Special rule for the ”Out of Cam” category: The image generated by the camera may only be adjusted in brightness, contrast, white balance and cropping if necessary.
Special rule for the category ”Edit Lovers’‘: Editing in editor programs is strongly encouraged. Several photos may also be combined into one composing. All photos used in the processing must be included.

Registration Form

To participate, the participation form must be filled out completely. You can send in your works until July 13 (until midnight). If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

Contest and evaluation procedure

After the deadline, your picture will be judged by a jury.
The evaluation runs according to a point system (max. 10 points per evaluation point), in which the following evaluation points were evaluated by the jury:
Overall impression, fidelity to the theme, figure posing, idea/creativity (in the category ”Edit Lovers” the image editing (”before/after”) is additionally evaluated with max 20 evaluation points)

All images will be displayed on the Gallery Wall during AniNite. The winners will be announced on Sunday at the award ceremony at AniNite.


Still have some unanswered questions?
Then don’t hesitate and write us via contact form with the subject “cosplay photo”. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.