Presale has started!


Ticket Presale Kassa
Friday (31.8.) 22 € 25 €
Saturday(01.9.) 22 € 25 €
Sunday(02.9) 20 € 23 €
3-Day Con-Ticket 41 € 46 €
Fan-Package 17 €
Insured shipping within Austria + 3,90 €
Insured shipping within EU + 4,70 €
Insured shipping outside EU
+ 5,60 €

The number of event tickets is tied to the capacity of the site. Once the capacity limit has been reached, no further tickets will be sold.

Our ticket shop is open Friday to Sunday during opening hours of the convention!


The fan package includes a T-shirt in selectable size, as well as a little surprise. For this reason, the fan package is not available to be bought on-site. Ticket not included!


For those who buy a ticket in presale we have thought of something special.
Among all tickets we are giving away a flight to Japan for 2 persons.
More information can be found here.

The ticket pre-sale starts in February and ends on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

This year, AniNite offers 2 ways to purchase tickets for pre-sale:

  • Selbstabholung:
    Wie schon die Jahre zuvor erhält man nach Bezahlung der Vorverkaufstickets eine Ticket-Bestätigung mit einem Bar-Code per E-Mail. Diese Bestätigung wird auf der Convention an einer speziellen Kassa gegen das tatsächliche Besucher-Ticket getauscht.
  • Versicherte Postzusendung der Tickets
    Durch eine Versicherung der Tickets zu einem Gesamtaufpreis von 3,90 Euro  (innerhalb Österreichs) werden die bestellten Tickets nach Bezahlung dem Besteller zugesendet. Da der Transportstatus und der Empfang dokumentiert wird, kann im Falle eines Verlustes auf dem Transportweg ein Ersatzticket angefordert werden.
    Die Versandkosten außerhalb Österreichs betragen innerhalb Europas 4,70 € und weltweit 5,60 €.
    Bereits versendete Tickets können nicht storniert oder rückerstattet werden.

  • Payment Methods:
    • Cash deposit on bank account
    • Bank transfer (free within the EU area)
  • Payment deadlines:
    Each orderer has a deadline until 31 July 2019 (end of presale) to pay his tickets, otherwise the order expires. To receive the pre-sale price, the money must be credited to our account by 31 July 2019 at the latest.
  • Cancellation / refund:
    Already paid tickets can be canceled up to and including July 31, 2019, subject to a processing fee of € 4. Already sent tickets can not be canceled.
  • Shipping of the tickets:
    The tickets will be shipped after the presale has ended.

Tickets received by insured shipping entitle the owner to enter the premises immediately after the opening of the convention.

Customers of a fan package receive a voucher with the ticket, with which they can pick up their fan package in the entrance area.

  • Lanyards:
    Lanyards will be available for all attendees on-site.
  • Further information:
    After July 31, 2019, it will no longer be possible to place an order, the tickets can then only be purchased directly at the event kassa. At the ticket office there will be a generous but limited contingent of tickets. However, we can not guarantee availability. Tickets that have been paid for in advance and confirmed by us can be picked up directly at the counters specially set up for this purpose using the excerpt / code.
  • Children and adolescents:
    Children up to the age of 6 are free to attend the event, accompanied by a legal guardian or authorized adult. If you are under the age of 14 and are not accompanied by an adult, you are allowed to stay at AniNite until 22:00. From 22:00 onwards, adolescents under the age of 14 need an attendant (adult legal guardian).