Artist Alley

Artist Alley at AniNite 2019!

Are you creative and want to show your art to others? Then you are exactly right at the Artist Alley! We offer space for draftsmen and other creatives to exhibit and offer their artworks.

General information

For the first time there will be fixed spots on the AniNite Artist Alley! The seats are limited and also have a better position on the location. BUT: Here you can only rent a maximum of 2 meters.

Prices and further information can be found in the registration form.

Travelling with car is recommended, there is plenty of parking spots.


  • Please complete the non-binding REGISTRATION FORM completely (Click me!)
  • At the beginning of June (1st to 2nd June) you will be notified if you have got a seat.
  • You will receive the binding registration form by e-mail.
  • Then the bills are prepared. Please note the deposit period!
  • Convention start: You will receive information about the process by e-mail.

Application will be open until 31st of May 2019, 23:59.