Presale ends  31st July 2018, 23:59!

Grab your ticket now!


Ticket Presale On Site
Friday (31.8.) 20 € 23 €
Saturday (01.9.) 20 € 23 €
Sunday (02.9) 18 € 21 €
3-days convention ticket
37 € 42 €
Fan package
15 €
Insured shipping within Austria 3,90 €
Insured shipping within the EU + 4,70 €
Insured shipping outside the EU
+ 5,60 €

The number of onsite-tickets is linked to the total amount of people that are allowed on the area of the convention. If we reach our maximum capacity we cannot sell any more tickets.

On-Site Tickets will be available during convention opening hours between friday and sunday.

Fan package

The fan package includes a t-shirt in your size as well as a few little surprises. Due to this reason we cannot offer this package at the on-site counter.
Ticket is not included!

Presale tickets

For everyone who buys a ticket while our presale is running, we decided to include something special. All those tickets are included in a raffle for a flight to Japan for 2 people. More infos can be found here.

Ticket presale starts in March and ends on tuesday, 31st July 2018.
This year we offer two options to buy the ticket during presale:

  • Pickup at convention:
    As we had it all the years before, we offer the option of purchasing the ticket online and receiving a ticket with a custom bar-code via mail. This code can be changed into a ticket at the convention presale ticket counter.
  • Insured shipping of the tickets
    The insurance for the shipping of your actual ticket adds 3,90 euros (within Austria) and you will get your tickets sent to you after payment. Since the status of the shipping and the receiving is documented we can offer a compensational ticket if the ticket gets lost during transport.
    Outside of Austria the shipping will be 4,70 euros within the EU and 5,60 euros outside of the EU.
    Already sent tickets can not be cancelled or refunded.

  • Payment options:
    • Cash deposit on bank account
    • Bank transfer (free within the EU area)
  • Deadlines for payment:
    Each customer has the option to pay until 31st July 2018 (end of pre-sale), otherwise the order expires. To receive the pre-sale price, the money must be credited to our account by 31 July 2018.
  • Cancelation/Refund:
    Already payed but not yet sent tickets can be cancelled until 31st July 2018 for a processing fee of 4 euros. Already sent out tickets can not be cancelled.
  • Shipping:
    We will ship all tickets after the pre-sale has ended.

Tickets that were sent out through insured shipping allow the owner to enter the convention instantly after we open the doors.
Orders of fan packages will be sent a voucher to receive their package at the con store next to the entrance area.

  • Lanyards:
    Lanyards will be available for all visitors in the entrance area.
  • Further information:
    After the 31st July 2018 no further orders can be made and tickets can only be bought on site. On site we will offer a vast but limited amount of tickets for which we can not guarantee to be available throughout the whole con. Tickets that have been bought through pre-sale and have been confirmed by us can be changed into real tickets at special counters via the custom-code.
  • Children and adolescents:
    Children up to the age of 6 can travel to the event free of charge, accompanied by a legal guardian or a legal adult who is authorized by their legal guardians. If you are under the age of 14 and are not accompanied by an adult, you are allowed to stay at AniNite until 22:00. From 22:00 onwards, adolescents under the age of 14 need an attendant (guardian or adult legal guardian).