You want to urgently share something with the community, but a simple post on Facebook or Instagram just isn’t enough for you?

Dann teile dich über unsere Charity Message Wall mit!

At this bulletin board, you can spread important messages to the community and do some good in the process.

Your “offline” messages will be published on our Charity Message Wall for the duration of the AniNite. Exceptionally successful messages will be also displayed during the stage program.

The minimum donation amount is 50 cents and the paper size depends on the donation amount.

Of course you are welcome to join us, paper and pens for your drawings and messages are available.
If you wish, you can also hang your artwork, which you have created in the creative corner.

The messages that can be published are, for example:

  • You want to greet a dear friend with nickname or thank them.
  • You want to share your website, Instagram, TikTok account or
    apply something similar
  • You just want to share a nice little drawing or message with the whole community
  • You are looking for or offering certain anime/manga/characters….
  • You want to find someone to learn Japanese with,
  • …or you can just write something off your chest.
  • Commercial events, online stores and the like may also be advertised.
    The possibilities for messages are therefore limitless!

Prohibited is:

  • The publication of cell phone/telephone numbers and full names of individuals. However, email-, web adresses as well as public Instagram accounts or the like are allowed.
  • Absolutely banned in both pictorial and written form are: Threats, insults, bullying, sexual harassment, obscene or pornographic content of any kind, racism as well as violence and the glorification of violence.

A violation of these rules will result in an immediate removal of the message without return of donations!

The charity team lives from its members, if you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, or maybe even want to be a part of it all, we would be very happy to hear from you!

We will use the raised funds to support the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research .