To guarantee the safety of our attendees, we observe strict regulations in regards to what props and weapons can or can’t be taken onto convention grounds by cosplayers.
Our security personnel will pay strong attention and see to it that these rules are followed and enforced. (You can recognize them by their yellow T-shirts and orange warning vests.)

All of the following items are strictly forbidden on AniNite convention grounds:

  • Items that are prohibited by Austrian law.
  • Pyrotechnics of all kinds (cherry bombs, fireworks, etc.)
  • Items that the security personnel deems a danger to yourself or other attendees due to their physical attributes (i.e.: pointy, solid objects, oversized cosplay props, etc.)
  • Items explicitly meant for self-defense (tasers, pepper sprays, etc.)
  • Cosplay weapons made of full metal (swords, axes, etc… / sharp and blunt)

These items may be taken onto convention grounds after inspection and appropriate marking by our security personnel:

  • Items in which metal or hardwood is partially processed are inspected individually.
  • Items longer than 2 meters MAY be removed if they are incompatible with the location’s design or pose a safety hazard to other people.
  • Airsoft guns are only permitted unloaded and marked as such. All airsoft ammunition is strictly prohibited on convention grounds (Security personnel may frisk you for it at any time if you carry an airsoft gun).

Permitted Items:

  • LARP- and other prop weapons made of any of the following materials (this list is not exhaustive):
    • foam
    • styrofoam
    • paper and cardboard
    • thermoplastics
  • Bagpipes, though lacking skill may cause the security and- or organization team to politely ask you to remove the instrument from convention grounds, lest you be struck by our critical wrath (refer to footnote 1).
  • Other items that do not pose a danger to yourself or other attendees and don’t violate any of the above regulations.

All props will be checked at the entrance.

If a prop is determined to be too dangerous to be taken onto convention grounds by security personnel, that decision cannot be appealed.

Please make sure to follow the instructions of the security personnel in all cases.

We don’t want to compromise people’s cosplays by removing props that might be an integral part of the design, but it is also our duty to make sure that no persons or property are harmed on convention grounds.

That is why our security team has the final authority in determining which items are safe to take to our convention and which are not. They may either forbid you from taking the item in question onto convention ground entirely,
or limit its use in whatever way they see fit (for example, by sealing off a scabbard to allow you to take a sword onto convention ground while rendering you unable to actually draw it).

Should you fail to follow the instructions of security personnel, you will first be cautioned (“strike one”). Should you continue to violate security personnel guidance (“strike two”), they may confiscate your hazardous item for the duration of your stay at the convention. Should you require it for a performance act, you may temporarily recover the item for the duration of the act (this must be discussed with the stage personnel/jury first; see below). Should your behavior be found to pose a serious threat to the safety of the event location and/or attendees, you may be banned from convention grounds effective immediately and without any prior warnings.

Should illegal or hazardous items be brought onto convention grounds in a way that bypasses inspection by security personnel, the item in question will be immediately confiscated, and its owner may be banned from convention grounds effective immediately.

Any violation of civil law on convention grounds WILL result in legal action!

Any items used in a hazardous or illegal way on convention grounds will be confiscated by security personnel.

Should the item in question fall under a category that would (co)-implicate the security personnel of illegal possession upon confiscation (i.e.: real guns of all types, illegal pyrotechnics, illegal drugs, etc.) the owner of the item in question will either be banned from convention grounds (should they own the item in question legally) or given into police custody (should they own the item in question illegally).
In the latter case, the security personnel reserves the right to take the owner of contraband into their custody until policy arrives at the convention location.

Regarding Cosplay Performances / Performance Acts:

Items that violate above rules must be handed over to security personnel at the entrance. However, should you absolutely require an item for a performance act (either for a contest, or because you are part of one of our show acts), you MUST immediately inform both, the security personnel AND stage personnel/jury, of this fact! Otherwise, the item may not be available in time for your act!

In any case, please treat your props with care. We don’t want anybody or anything, yourself and your property included, to be harmed on convention grounds!

We thank you for your cooperation!

With best regards,
Your Security Team!

Footnote 1: The “rules” regarding bagpipes is to serve as an example of the fact that our security team, in spite of writing down all these serious, official rules, have yet to lose their healthy sense of humor. However, don’t take this as an invitation to treat any of the other bullet points as a joke. Bagpipes may be funny. Bodily harm is not.