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Are you ready? For what – you ask? AMV Contest!!!

Anime music video consists of the things we all love! Anime/Animations and music. These are cut together and thus a unique video is quickly created! Thrill the audience, the livestream, your friends and the judges with your unique way of creating an AMV!

Conditions of participation:

  • If you cannot be present at the awards ceremony, you must report to the information booth and provide contact information. The AMV Beginner Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday (8/12/2022) and the Advanced and Professional Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday (8/13/2022).
  • Prices will NEVER be sent abroad!
  • The entry form must be filled out COMPLETELY.
  • With your registration you give us the permission to stream your video LIVE via Twitch and to use it later with credit to the editor.


The deadline is 13.07.2022 at 23:59 CET. If you don’t manage to finish by then, but your video needs just a little more time, we offer the following DEAL:

Register before 13.07 “23:59” via registration form.
In the comment field you MUST state that you need an EXTENSION + the length of your video.
This obligatory extension is valid until 16.07 “23:59” and is only possible if you have registered before!

Please use this extension deal ONLY if your AMV is already almost finished and only needs a few small improvements!

Only exclusive AMVs may be submitted. Therefore, the first release, in an online or offline competition, may not take place until after the competition at AniNite 2022.

The video material may consist of: Anime, games, fandoms and any other type of animation (Manga, Cartoon, Disney). Please keep in mind that the main theme of this AMV contest is “Anime-Style” and Japanese culture. Up to ⅓ of your AMV can use alternative footage that does not fit with this rule.

The video must consist solely of your own edits and must not contain content from other AMVs.

Foreign logos, watermarks, as well as subtitles from the original material should be removed to the best of your ability. If your concept needs logos, subtitles, etc., then it’s fine to use them!

Only one AMV submission is permitted per participant and collaboration project. Cooperative work should be understood as clear collaboration on the project, rather than passive assistance or feedback.

The length of the video must be between 1 and 5 minutes and should have a appropriate file size (max. ~150MB/min).

The video must have a resolution of at least 720p in a 16:9, 21:9 or 4:3 format. By default, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 is recommended, which corresponds to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

You should be able to play the video file with a standard video player (e.g. VLC Player). We recommend using one of the following formats: MP4, AVI, MKV und MPEG

The AMV may have a maximum age rating of FSK 16 and may not contain any illegal images, sounds, offensive and inflammatory statements. But satire, as well as clearly packaged innuendos are welcomed. Exaggerated depiction of eroticism, violence or inappropriate subjects, as well as obvious “troll” submissions will not be tolerated. Your videos reach a very large number of viewers, which means we have to maintain strict boundaries.

The AMV may NOT contain an intro/outro that is to be understood as “credits” in the sense of branding. Basically, any information worth mentioning will be listed and shown consistently and sufficiently at the show as well as on the AniNite homepage. No insertion of editor’s name, music, anime or other credit information is allowed for the entire length of the video.

The download linkmust be linked to a OneClick host (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, WeTransfer, etc.). Please make sure to share this link with the appropriate share settings so we can download your video.

The competition organizers reserve the right to move categorically unsuitable entries in Beginner/Advanced/Professional to another category at their discretion.

Registration Form

The entry form for the AMV contest is closed, the deadline was midnight on 7/13/2022.

Contest Procedure

All videos are appropriately introduced and credited.
After the respective category, the audience favorite will be determined.

How does the rating work?

Our Jury will look at many aspects of your video, such as originality, first impression, story, complexity, quality of the cuts, scene selection, effects, atmosphere, general quality and uniqueness. The audience favourite award will be selected by the audience during the main show. The Jury won’t know which editor made which AMV so that the Jury can be as neutral as possible.


When submitting your AMV, you’ll be able to decide in what AMV you want to compete in. The distinction depends on your experience level, technical knowledge and the anime music videos you have already made. Deciding what category an editor fits in is quite hard which is why we trust you with deciding the right category for yourself. The descriptions for each category are only a guideline, so if you think that you fit better in another category, then go for it! However, we do not allow professionals to join the beginners-category, because this can obviously lead to unfair competition.

If you have already won the previous year’s AMV contest at AniNite in e.g. the beginner category, you will “move up” for the following year. will be “promoted” to the advanced-category for the following year. The same applies to the advanced editors, who then join the pros.
This ensures a natural flow between beginners, advanced and professionals.

If you are starting AMV editing for the first time or have already made up to 3 AMVs, this is the category for you. It’s a beginner friendly category where you can start experimenting with your newly found hobby and let your creativity out.

You’ve been doing AMV for some time now and even had some success in the beginner category of other contests? Then this is the category for you! This is the midfield of editors, where new as well as long-term editors can participate. This includes veterans, masters and long-term advanced editors.

You have years of experience in AMV editing and your knowledge already gives you the status of a professional? Here you’ll find people who have mastered the art of AMV and have been doing videos for a long time. This prestige category is for those editors who want to get the title of the best video of the AMV contest.


c Expand All C Collapse All

It depends entirely on the creators whether they make their video publicly available. However, we did get a social media link of the respective artist during the respective registration, which improves the search significantly. We’ll try to create a Youtube-Playlist for all of the AMVs that were present at AniNite 2022, if the creator made them available publicly.

We will try to show as many videos as possible on stage. However, this depends heavily on the number of participants* and the schedule of the event. If the number of entries exceeds a certain level, we may not be able to screen all AMVs and we will give priority to the entries with higher jury points, of the respective category.

Get in touch with us! Technical issues can always happen and shouldn’t be a reason for disqualification. If you didn’t get in touch with us and send in a video after the deadline, we will not include that video in the contest!

The experiences of the last years have shown that the attention span of the viewers is about 3 minutes on average. Therefore, we don’t recommend that videos are nearly 5 minutes long. Especially highly edited videos are usually a lot shorter than even just 3 minutes, since the work you have to put into those projects is often a lot for just one person. We recommend that you find a good mix in length and content for your AMV from the beginning.

Within the period of 01.07 and 13.07 you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 3 days after sending your video. If you do not receive a confirmation message after a long time, please contact us again via If you do not receive a confirmation message after a long time, please contact us again via contact form and check your spam folder.

The AniNite organization is strongly committed to having a film room where the AMVs will be shown in their entirety at least once during the convention weekend. Unfortunately, this cannot be promised.

After the deadline, a list of all participants with their artist names, used material and music will be published on the homepage as soon as possible.

The number of submissions will be so large that it will be difficult or impossible to fit this into an appropriate framework for all participants. Therefore, we would ask to contact us directly via the social media channels or the contact form for feedback.

If certain rules are unclear or you need help, me and my team will gladly help you. Just ask your question via our contact form and specify AMV in the “Area” window so that we can process your question faster.

Best wishes, Arcothy B3stEck


Arcothy B3st3ck:
Hey you! Yes, you. How about submitting an AMV this year? Wouldn’t that be nice?
It’s me, Arco. I’ve been making AMVs for 8 years now and have spent over 1500 hours just editing AMVs. My hobby offers me creative freedom and fun. This is exactly the balance one should have in life. Editing made me turn this hobby into a profession, which now allows me to advance not only in my free time, but also in my work. I hope you’ll join us this year and get your personal applause on stage!

Servus! My name is Gabriel, but most people call me ‘Asobi’. I’ve been going to anime conventions since 2013 and have been in the AMV community for 4 years now. As far as AMVs go, you’ll often find me in a more organizational role. Be it as AMV-Contest jury member, contest organizer or admin of the ‘Austrian AMV Community’ Discord server. However, one thing I have in common with everyone in the Austrian AMV community is the passion and joy for AMVs. And with these words I wish you a great and fair AMV contest and I hope you all have fun, be it as an editor or as a viewer ;D

I’m Scara, an AMV editor from Czech Republic. I’ve been editing for about 12 years, starting out as a Disney animash editor, then around 2012 I got into anime and started making AMVs. Since then, I’ve entered many contests both locally and internationally and managed to score a few good places and wins. I consider myself mostly an action editor, purely because it’s the most enjoyable genre for me to edit, with all the different possibilities to sync flashy attacks and magical powers! I enjoy watching all genres of AMVs though and as long as you give me some well edited internal sync and flow, I will love you <<3

Heyhey! I am ceddic from Germany. I have been attending conventions for 12 years and helping organize AMV-Showcases for 8 of them, among other things. In the past, I have won competitions in Germany and America, and I am excited to take a look at Austria as a judge. With my videos, I try to convey as focused as possible a feeling given to me by the anime or the music. So if your AMV manages to excite the viewer, it has done everything right in my eyes. I look forward to the submissions and most of all hope everyone has fun with the event.