Liebe anime, manga und japan friends!

  • Are your shelves overflowing with manga and anime?
  • You can’ t close your drawers anymore because of all the merchandise?
  • Do your figures in the glass case only catch dust and make you
    not happy anymore?

Then bring your old, but well kept, stuff to us and turn it into cash.

How does it work? Short and very easy! The sale is exclusively and only by preregistration. To do so, please register on the corresponding website and enter your items, print out the codes and attach them to the items. Registered items marked with codes will then be gladly accepted and offered for sale by the Bring&Buy team on Friday and Saturday, please note our acceptance times during AniNite. These acceptance times are Friday from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Since the charity campaigns are very popular, there is the possibility to hand in your goods for charity purposes again. We mark these separately so that everyone knows that they are supporting a good cause with their purchase.

Ruls for the sell

  • Only private individuals – no merchants – may participate in the Bring & Buy.
  • Maximum delivery quantity is 150 items ( a series count as 1 item).
  • The items must be Japan/Manga/Anime related. Accepted are mainly: manga, anime, games, artbooks, figurines, stuffed animals*, small stuff like cell phone charms**, small figurines and the like*, cosplays and everything that goes with it *, wigs.
    *-Category: maximum delivery quantity is limited to 20 items.
    **-Category: maximum delivery quantity is limited to 50 items.
  • Minimum selling price is 10 euro cents. Prices are to be indicated in 10 euro cent increments. Prices must be stated in EUR and cents.
  • No bootlegs (=pirated copies).
  • Pornographic items must be neutrally wrapped and labeled in advance. Explicit areas must be covered.
  • The seller must register in advance on the specified website and announce there his items for sale (no data will be disclosed to third parties) and attach the corresponding item codes printed on the items for sale.
  • The corresponding item codes must be visibly and legibly attached to the goods and must not be misplaced. However, removal by the buyer must be possible without leaving a trace.
  • Not accepted: Magazines such as Animania, Koneko, Daisuki, Banzai, Mangapower, as well as items not related to Japan/Manga/Anime.
  • Drop off and pick up:Please note our drop-off window on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Drop-off will take place during the ongoing event. The collection of unsold goods and money will be done on the last day of the event only. People who do not attend all three days of the event may pick up money and unsold items earlier (no later than 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday).It is important to be aware that the returns and payouts starts at 2:00 p.m. on the last day of the event and must be completed at the latest by 4:00 p.m. (NOT LATER!).Be in line on time! Should you not collect your property in time, the Bring&Buy team is entitled to refuse to return it. In this case, please contact the AniNite team by email within 14 days after the AniNite.
  • When dropping off, as well as picking up your merchandise, please bring the pickup code and an item list (either print the codes again and uncut or a legible handwritten list). Goods will only be accepted after prior presentation of the pick-up code and the article list!
  • AniNite does not charge any sales commission, but also assumes no liability. Therefore, there will be no compensation for lost items. If any lost items turn up after dismantling, they will also be listed on the Fb Bub page and our Instagram account so you can get them back.


  • Most importantly, the QR code must not be torn, bent or curved. Otherwise, the scanner unfortunately cannot read it.
  • The barcode should be clearly visible, preferably on the front of the package (NOT NEXT TO OR ON TOP OF THE ORIGINAL CODE!).
  • For plushies, stick the QR code onto a cardboard and tie it around the neck with a string. For hygienic reasons, we also recommend packing soft toys in transparent bags, in which case we would like you to attach the code securely to the bag.
  • For figurines, please put the QR code on the front of the original box. If there is no box left, please enclose it in another box, e.g. a shoe box, and seal it with the code. Also, attaching a self-taken photo of the figurine to the replacement box would be advisable. Small figures can also be handed in a ziplock bag. However, this must then be closed so that it cannot be opened.
  • Gashapons or similar small goods should be packed in small well-sealed bags and the QR code should be visibly placed on the bag.
  • All types of cosplays and clothing will be accepted only in clear bags (for example, garbage bag) or boxes. All the accessories, as well as a photo of the cosplay (or more, so that all the individual parts are visible) and the size indicated must be in the bags. For the boxes, please stick the picture with the size information on the lid. The QR code should be placed at the bottom of the photo.
  • Series (manga, anime, games, etc.) should be dropped off sorted and wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent them from falling apart. Single volumes do not need to be wrapped individually. But we still recommend it to protect your goods.
  • Should you send someone to pick up your items and money for you, give the person a list of your items, as well as a written consent form. This must contain your real name, username, email address and your signature.

Here is the link to the website:

If you still have questions, you can ask them on Facebook in the B&B group
All those who are not on Facebook can send their questions via the contact form.

Would you like to register? No problem. Klick on the button. Do you have any further questions? No promlem contact us!

With kind regards
The Bring&Buy Team