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You always wanted to dance in front of a big audience & show that you’ve got it? Then this is your chance!
Register now for the AniNite Dance Contest!
Whether J-Pop, K-Pop, Vocaloid, a cover, your own choreography, beginner or professional. Fun is what counts!

PYTHON, AniNite 2021


K-POP – Back to the Roots:
Only those songs that were released before and in 2014are allowed.
HAS TO be a cover.

Open Program (everything but K-POP)
Own choreography or a cover (no KPOP allowed)

Conditions of participation:

  • If you cannot be present at the awards ceremony, you must report to the information booth and provide contact information. The award ceremony for the Dance Contest will be held on Sunday (8/14/2022).
  • Prices will NEVER be sent abroad!
  • The entry form must be filled out COMPLETELY.
  • With the contest registration you give us the permission to stream your video LIVE and to use the videos later.
  • Shorts or ”safety pants” must be worn under short shorts and dresses.


  • Registration deadline: 1.8.2022, 23:59
  • If there are lifting figures or stunts in the choreography, you must tell us when you register.
  • Songs must not be longer than 4 minutes!

Registration Form

    Solo- or Group-Performance?*


    Cover or original choreographie?*

    Consent to privacy policy*

    Contest procedure

    You will receive the order of your performance by mail. On site, this order will also be issued. (first K-POP, then Open Program)
    1. Introduction
    2. Performance
    3. Bow and leave the stage
    4. At the end, everyone is invited on stage to take photos and choose the audience favorite.

    Judging process

    Each of the three jurors can give a total of 40 points, 10 per evaluation point. (realization/synchrony, body control/tension, facial expressions, energy)
    After the performances, the jurors discuss the performances and the points are added up.
    Based on audience reaction, an audience favorite will also be chosen.

    Evaluation Points:
    1.1. If you have your own choreography: we will evaluate it according to creativity and entertainment value. This is evaluated under “Realization/Synchrony”.
    1.2. If you are dancing a cover: how well it is implemented and if you make any mistakes and how you conceal them (in the case of groups this also includes synchronicity).
    2. Body tension and control: how well are you in control of your own body and how do you execute the movements?
    3. Facial expressions: your face is also important! Where do you turn your eyes, do you look bored or focused. These are also important aspects for dancers.
    Tip: Looking at the floor is very bad.
    4. Energy: how well do you manage your energy, how much power do your moves have.