At AniNite’23 there are certain rules that come into force upon entering the venue

§ 1 Project heads, members of the organization team, crew and security personnel are marked by
the special T-shirts and/or unique convention passes they carry on their persons. The instructions of such persons must be regarded in all cases. Disrupting the event can lead to legal proceedings according to §285 StGB of Austrian law.

§ 2 A fee must be paid to be granted access to the event and its premises. The fee is decided by the project leadership can is non-negotiable. Upon payment of the event’s fee, attendees receive a convention pass. The convention pass must be worn clearly visible on the attendees person and may be checked by authorized personnel at any time.

§ 3 The project management is authorized to take actions against persons violating the house rules
or persons who disrupt the even or the enjoyment of other attendees in any way.
Such disruptors may be banned from convention grounds. In the event of such a ban,
the paid entrance fee will not be refunded.

§ 4 The creation of audio- and/or video-recordings on convention grounds is, unless otherwise specified, permitted. This explicitely excludes recordings taken in bathrooms, dressing rooms or recordings made without the prior consent of their subjects. All
attendees accept the possibility, that recordings or images featuring them may be created
during the event
and might be published on the internet or elsewhere. Attendees do not have a right to demand payment for audio- and/or video material featuring them,
neither may they object to the publishing of such material.

§ 4.1 For the production of video and/or audio recordings for press activities (as well as for any other type of press intended), a Press Agreement (Request at Contact) must be completed in full and with correct details, signed and sent to the event director (or a designated contact person ) and endorsed.


Every person who enters the premises agrees that
images may be created of them free of charge by means of direct or delayed video/ time-shifted video display
direct or time-shifted transmission, or other transmission or recording, photographs, or other present and/or future media technologies.
Any person entering the premises acknowledges that they may make and/or transmit sound and/or image recordings for private use only. It is strictly forbiden to
in any case transmit a live feed during the event, in whole or in part, via the Internet, radio, television or any other present and/or future media, audio and/or visual material, or to assist any other person in carrying out such activities. This does not apply to representatives of the press and electronic media,
who have been accredited by the organizer.
In the case of TV broadcasts and other recordings, the visitor gives the TV broadcaster their consent
that the recordings made by them during or in connection with the event may be evaluated
without compensation and without time or space restrictions by means of any technical procedure.
The privacy of each person shall be respected. Any violation will be punished and
prosecuted by the authorities.

§ 5 Weapons and Props: The separately posted rules for cosplay props are valid
for the entire event area and period.
See also: Weapons rules for the AniNite.

§ 6 The carrying of any other objects that can lead to the endangerment of persons, or the use of any object as a weapon is also strictly prohibited.
Objects that correspond to this definition will be taken into custody by the security staff and kept in a safe place
at least until the person leaves the event (if possession of the object is not permitted in Austria, the object must be handed over to the Austrian executive authorities). If the person resists the confiscation, he or she will be expelled from the event in accordance with § 3 of the house rules. Bag checks are
authorized by the authorities and are therefore may not be refused.

§ 7 Excluded from the restrictions of § 5 and § 6 are all persons authorized
by the organization team (e.g.: martial arts performers) and
members of the Austrian executive on duty.

§ 8 The carrying, consumption or transfer of addictive substances according to
Art. 1 Narcotic Substances Act is prohibited. The organizer is obliged to report
any violation. Persons possessing addictive substances on convention grounds will furthermore be excluded from the event according to § 3 of the house rules.

§ 9The consumption of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and the like (including vapor products) is only permitted in the designated areas. The carrying and consumption of alcoholic food and beverages is prohibited during the event.

§ 10 Animals are not permitted on the premises. Assistance dogs, i.e. signal dogs, service dogs and guide dogs for the blind, are excluded.

§ 11 Any inventory, furnishings, walls, windows, etc. must
not be damaged! The attachment of posters, wallscrolls etc. to the walls requires the approval of the event organization. A person causing the damage is liable!

§ 12 The changing rooms are to be used for changing! The use of hairsprays is only allowed in the changing rooms. Lavatories do not count as changing rooms!

We thank you for your cooperation in order to maintain safety and the well-being of all participants!

Your AniNite Team

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Data protection
We, AniManga Austria - Arbeitskreis japanische Jugendkultur (Club seat: Austria), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.