Ever wanted to know the best way to cut a wig for a cosplay? Or what to consider when preparing a delicious bento? Then the panels & workshops at AniNite are just right for you!

Over three days, you can not only expand your knowledge about Japan and Japanese pop culture in panels, but also acquire practical skills in workshops. The great thing is that these panels and workshops are led in part by masters of their field to simple fans.


From preparing BentoBoxes to making jewellery. In our workshops you have lots of opportunities to learn new skills. On every con day you have the opportunity to take part in   our popular workshops.

Would you like to hold a workshop at AniNite? Then apply!


Cool styling tips, advice for your first cosplay competitions, cool Q&As and much more awaits you at our talks at AniNite! Be curious, because you can learn a lot here!

Would you like to stand on our stage and give our visitors an incredibly exciting presentation? Then apply!

Your Benefits:

  • You get free admission: Depending on the length of your presentation, you will receive a day ticket or con-ticket
  • Self-promotion: We advertise your lecture on our social networks and on our website and link your specified account