Conditions of participationProcedure

Julian Akaya, AniNite 2021

You always wanted your memes to be in the spotlight?

Your humor is unbeatable and your memes legendary?

Then this is your chance to show what you’ve got.

Send us your meme and convince us!

In this contest, the goal is to create an original meme that is entertaining for as many different people as possible.

Conditions of participation:

● If you cannot be present at the award ceremony (Sunday), you must report this at the information desk and provide contact details. You can also provide the contact details of a substitute (full name of the person; the person must be able to identify themself)!
● Prices will NEVER be sent on abroad!
● By submitting, you agree that your image will be displayed on the Gallery Wall at the event location during AniNite and uploaded to the social media channels and the AniNite website. Your work is also sometimes shown on stage between program items.
● The entry must remain unpublished until the winners are announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday at AniNite. After that, feel free to share them on various platforms.


Deadline: 1.8.2022, 23:59 Uhr
● One entry per participant will be accepted.
● The meme must be uploaded to a file hoster (Dropbox, Google Drive, imgbb.com, etc.). A link for the file must be sent with the application.
● The accepted file formats are .png, .jpg, .gif (not animated). We do not accept videos.
● The meme must have been created by yourself.
● Please do not submit sexist, racist, political or otherwise offensive memes.
● We reserve the right to exclude memes that are inappropriate or against the rules from the contest.


The memes sent in by the deadline will be judged by a jury and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday. At AniNite, all memes will be on display on the Gallery Wall. The memes are scored using a point system and the total number of points determines the winners.