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You have a favorite character that you find incredibly cool, beautiful and strong? Their appearance fascinates you, their outfit blows you away and the idea of turning it into reality spurs your creativity? Then X – Cosplay is the right place for you!
Sign up and present your cosplay on stage. Beginners are just as welcome as more experienced people. The most important thing for us is: fun!

Seirer Photography, AniNite 2018

Conditions of participation:

  • You must be present on the day of the contest (Sunday, 8/14/2022).
  • If you cannot be present at the awards ceremony, you must report this to the information desk and provide contact information. The Character Cosplay Contest Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday (8/14/2022).
  • Prizes will NEVER be sent abroad!
  • The entry form must be filled out COMPLETELY.
  • With the contest registration you give us the permission to stream your video LIVE and to use the videos later.
  • Shorts or ”safety pants” should be worn under skirts and dresses. Nothing is allowed to be seen that is not supposed to be seen!
  • Obviously violent or pornographic content will be disqualified.


  • Registration deadline: 1.8.2022, 23:59
  • Last minute registrations on site are NOT possible!
  • The cosplay and associated weapons must be mostly self-made by the cosplayer. The creation process should be documented with photos and explained to the jury during the internal preliminary evaluation at the convention. Purchased cosplays are NOT permitted.
  • Mainly Japanese sources (Games, Manga, Anime, J/K-Pop, Visual Kei, Artbooks, Artworks) are allowed, but also other fandoms (e.g. Manhua, Manhwa, K-Pop, MMORPGs, ect; DnD, Marvel/ DC, Games, ect.). OCs are NOT permitted.
  • At least two good reference images (front + back) must be sent in.
  • The performance may last a maximum of 45 – 60 seconds. Music may be used, but it must already be cut to the correct length and must be sent together with the registration.

Contest procedure

Shortly after the registration you will receive a confirmation email with the following details:
– Starting number
– Location plan and time for the pre-judging
– Location plan and time to meet at the designated place before the show.
– personal contact

Here’s how the competition works on stage:

  1. Separate pre-judging round with the jury (no audience, no exclusion before the performance)
  2. Introduction
  3. Performance according to the order of the starting numbers
  4. After last performance group photo of all participants (approx. 3 minutes) on stage
  5. Bow, walk off the stage.

Judging process

  • The jury consists of 3 jurors. At the pre-judging round, you show up fully costumed with make-up, introduce your cosplay in person, and explain how you made it.
  • The jury will award points for the overall appearance and designated details of the costume based on the judging sheet.
  • The winner is the participant with the highest total number of points.
  • Depending on the number of participants, 7 – 10 minutes are planned per participant.
  • Later, at the performance, you will present your cosplay on stage in front of the jury and the audience.
  • The jury will then evaluate the overall impression of the cosplay and the performance and choose 1 winner in each category, as well as a second and third place.




light armor

heavy armor

Based on your reference image, your cosplay will be classified into one of the 4 categories.

(Note: If there are 0 “zero” participants, e.g. with armor, the category will not be opened. If only 1 participant enters a category, they do not automatically win it, but receive a (small non-cash) prize in recognition.


The jury consists of guests of honor. Since we are constantly announcing new guests of honor, we can’t give any fixed names here yet. Here you will find all our guests of honor.