Sebastian Fitzner

Sebastian Fitzner has been working as a voice actor since 2004. He lends his voice to many different anime characters, among othersCiel Phantomhivefrom Black Butler or Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia. But also Bolin from The Legend by Korra or Ray from the Promised Neverland are voiced by Sebastian.
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Have you always wanted to know what the day-to-day work of a voice actor is like or how you get into this profession? Then come to the voice actor panel at AniNite on Saturday!

Sam Bauer

This year we can finally welcome Sam to Austria – this time in person! Anyone who tuned in to DigiNite last year might already know him. Sam voices Rock Lock from My Hero Academia, Bell Cranel from DanMachi and Tesla from Bleach, among others.

. At AniNite you will have get the chance to get a peek at the work of a voice actor! Sam will give you a short introduction to working as a voice actor in a voice actor workshop. During the voice actor panel you can ask Sam all kinds of questions concerning his work.

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Geheichou is a Spanish cosplayer and artist with a big and international fanbase. He is a pro at styling wigs and making cosplay props. Accompanied by Ayuru, he will judge your cosplay performances and sign merch at our merch tables. In addition, he will also play some fun rounds of our Artist-Game on stage!

You can find Gehe mostly on Twitter and Instagram, he also streams cosplay-, art- and gaming-content on Twitch.

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Ayuru is a Spanish cosplayer who started in the hobby around 2012 with the main goal of having fun. With time, she developed a more professional profile, focusing on sewing and characterization. She’s also very interested in the social part of cosplay, and the amazing creativity that this hobby allows to explore in different fields.
She was the Spanish representative for Tokyo Game Show 2017 and winner of Clara
Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2018, and has been ambassador for brands such as Riot Games,
Bernina and Bandai. She’s also an illustrator, and enjoys sharing videos and travel vlogs in
her YouTube channel.

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Aquamarin has been attending AniNite for over 10 years and we are happy to welcome him as a guest of honor this year! His most famous cosplays include Sailor Moon, Lara Croft and Cat Noir!

On his social media channels, he takes his followers into his colorful world, full of Disney & Anime merchandise, Nintendo and mythical creatures.

When it comes to music, Aquamarin also went to Disney, including Frozen II and Aladdin. His own singles such as “Your Smile” or “Glow In The Dark” have already been released as well.

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Marija Morticija

If there’s a special effect that needs to be done, or a cosplay prop to be made, she will most definitely find the way. Start of her cosplay was marked by Belgrade SciFi and epic fantasy festival where she appeared as the magnificent Melisandre from “Game of Thrones”, but her full bloom came around when she instated herself as an amazing special FX makeup artist. Asia fell in love with her Annie Leonhart, while USA was in awe with her amazing Mettaton. Meanwhile, the world agreed there’s no Rose Quartz from “Steven Universe” embodied in such a way as Marija’s “mother gem”.

Her goal in the cosplay community is to promote plus-size cosplay, thus setting in motion the feeling of acceptance and self-preservance through the public experimentation such as cosplay. Marija’s time is yet to come, and we’re all witnessing the very beginning.

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Provocative. Adventurous. Unapologetic.

Borivoje Naumovski (Ori) is a graphic designer and artist from Belgrade, Serbia. His breakthrough in the world of Cosplay happened almost by accident in 2014, so he still considers himself a Cosplay junior. Having a long career in performing arts eventually brought him into his biggest achievement so far – swooping a world he barely knew about in one day – by doing what he knows best – posing au naturel as his own sexy version of Commander Erwin Smith of Attack on Titanium. Calling himself a freedom fighter, he uses Cosplay to promote tolerance and understanding. Coming from a country that is still ridden with everyday hate and violence, he’s been targeted by the extremist right-wing movement on more than one public occasion, although he was always able to take the high-road.

Through his first three years in cosplay, he established himself as a mentor to the new generation of cosplayers and artists alike, joining forces with Yaoi a Go Go, a brand dedicated to the celebration of male beauty and form in cosplay. He won the hearts of the international fanbase not only as Erwin Smith, but in his own renditions of Thranduil, Dante, Sephiroth and Captain America, marking his 40th birthday as one of the established names within the cosplay community worldwide.

His biggest wish is to travel the world as a cosplayer and panelist, spreading positive energy through his one of a kind cosplay standup, where he shares the antics behind his latest works, as well as encouragement for his fellow artists.

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Nana Kuronoma

My name is Nana Kuronoma and I’ve been a cosplayer and model for over 10 years. In addition to sewing, styling wigs and crafting, I started to take and edit my own photos. Twitch is a great platform to share my editing process with my followers, I don’t wanna make a secret out of that, but we also play a lot of retro games together and have fun at our just chatting days, where I get to know all of you better. I was be able to set up my own business with my hobby and I could only do that because of you, my supporters! Now I have the big chance to travel around the world and spent time with you at amazing conventions! I wanna say „thank you“ to each of you in person, so pass by at my table and don’t be shy to talk to me!

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Kenus Cosplay

Hello everybody. My name is Kenus Cosplay, I’m 26 years old and part of the Austrian cosplay community since 2015. Recreating large armor and matching weapons from games and films has become much more than just a hobby for me. Ob es nun große Projekte, welche mehrere hundert Stunden brauchen um vollendet zu werden oder andere, welche man binnen kürzester Zeit

fertigstellen kann, ein jedes Projekt ist mir wichtig und wird stets mit Liebe zum Detail angefertigt und getragen. Many of the people I was able to meet through this community have become close friends. My main focus may be on armor, but cosplays that I sew myself are also finding their way into my wardrobe. Every year, I can witness how the cosplays in our community keep getting better – It fills me with great joy to be part of this community.

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Yanaimo is an Austrian J-Pop Singer and Songwriter. Besides covering Anime- and J-Pop Songs, she also writes and produces her own music. We can’t wait to welcome this young upcoming artist at AniNite!

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