Our two stages are full of interesting panels, challenges, contests and so much more! Click on the images to read the whole plan. Please be sure to be aware of the info on our award ceremonies!

Here you will find interesting panels, Q&A sessions with our special guests, show acts and more!

You can participate in these program events by registering at the information desk!

These Program events are part of the Conathlon. Collect points and win a Mega-Conticket with a little stroke of luck!


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You have starting difficulties with the first conceptions? Or are you always getting lost in details instead of getting your AMV completed? Then this workshop is the exact right thing for you. Focus on the most important things and… — live your AMV, because it will come true! — The following ” key points ” will be covered:
-How do I excite / Relevance
-Imagery / Compositions
-Music / Rhythm
-Project / Structure
-Inspiration / Balance

+Interactive workshop for your personal concept. What do the standards look like and how far can I bend them for my own creativity? We will show you how to quickly and easily identify a concept and structure it for your own ideas.
Panelist: Arcothy, VideoBeats, Nude Penguin

Ask our Cosplay guests of honor your questions in this Q&A!

MissesCharmy & KenusCosplay are facing our challenge again: the Cosplay Creation Showdown. Here they have to sew a garment in just 30 minutes. The materials are predetermined by us, the time is ticking, the nerves blank! Can they overcome this challenge? Stop by and cheer them on!

You are fast? You are fast and creative?
You are fast, creative and can handle confusing instructions?
You are fast, creative, can implement confusing instructions and are really FAST?

Then be sure to join us for our Yuki Matsuri speed triathlon! In three completely different categories you have to prove your speed and win against your fellow competitors! This program event is part of the Conathlon, you can find all info here .

2 Artists, 3 terms, 5 minutes and funny, curious as well as fantastic results! Two artists who are taking on this challenge have to combine three terms into one drawing in a short amount of time. These terms are coming from the audience! What does a mafia panda look like while watering his Christmas tree? Or an old man riding a way too small bicycle while eating ice cream? Here you could admire such works of art and so much more!

We auction you or something you want to auction. Any ideas are welcome. Then come to the info booth every day of the AniNite in the morning and sign up for the charity auction.

One of the AniNite cosplay contests! Here, it’s all about the performance.

Manga JAM Session is the first manga publisher in Austria – but how did it actually come into being? And what does work at a publishing house actually look like? The publisher introduces itself along with its work and offers the audience the opportunity to ask their own questions.

This year on Friday evening the dance group #schoaf will perform on the Main Stage with a varied dance program! Accompanied this time by NDMS and P.and.A you can count on even more energy.

Gender is a construct, tear it apart. ~Sasha Velour

From chiseled jawlines, to striking noses, we’re gonna fake it til we make it. And how? With makeup, of course. From crossplaying girls, to flamboyant catboys, we’re all about celebrating masculine beauty in all forms.

Volunteer participation live on stage
Panelist: Ori Cosplay

From all participating people, matching pairs will be created based on your preferences. On stage, you will then get to know each other by blindly answering a series of questions in quick succession. You can find all information about speed dating here.

Are you ready? You’re wondering for what? AMV Contest!!! Anime music video consists of the things we all love! Anime/Animations and music. These are cut together and thus a unique video is quickly created! On Friday, all AMVs that have been submitted in the beginner category will be shown. Additionally, some funny videos from the Project FAP will also be shown.


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Attention wise guys! In the sound quiz you can prove your knowledge of anime in various categories – there’s something for everyone. This program event is part of the Conathlon, you can find all info here .

On Saturday, NARUdoesPanel will be appearing on the Second Stage as Naruto characters and answer questions from the audience! All information about the In-character Panel can be found here .

You always wanted to stand on the stage like Xinyan and show your fiery spirit?
Or is your behavior more calm and elegant like Yun Jin? Whichever Genshin character suits you best: Show it to us with your cosplay at the AniNite Genshin Cosplay Show-off! Step on stage and transform the AniNite into Teyvat’s catwalk!

In this panel, Aquamarin and Nana Kuronoma share their most secret tricks for making it big as a content creator. Wealth, power and fame? Not a problem, simply attend this panel!

Are you ready to LIPSYNC for your life? Then you’ve come to the right place! Give it your all at our LipSync Battles, taking place for the fourth time now! There are still opportunities for you to spontaneously conquer the stage. The registration takes place exclusively at the info booth, you can find all info here.

Like in the classic game show of the 90s, we show you products and services for which you have to give as accurate a guess as possible of how high the price tag on them will turn out to be. This program event is part of the Conathlon, you can find all info here .

The AniNite is right around the corner and you have (almost) finished your first cosplay, but you don’t dare to participate in a contest yet? Then sign up for the Cosplay Newcomer Walk!
Here we offer cosplayers who have finished their first or second or third cosplay a stage on Saturday to present themselves and their cosplay. According to the motto: No Pressure, only community love. 💛
If there are still free spots available, you can still register spontaneously one hour before the start of the Cosplay Newcomer Walk at the info booth. You can find all the info here.

Are you ready? You’re wondering for what? AMV Contest!!! In this timeslot, all AMVs that have been submitted in the advanced category will be shown.

We auction you or something you want to auction. Any ideas are welcome. Then come to the info booth every day of the AniNite in the morning and sign up for the charity auction.

Becoming Dio, Katakuri and Reiner – Insights into the art of Voice Acting at the Second Stage! Marios Gavrilis talks about his experience as a voice actor.

Cosplay Champions is an international cosplay competition that gathers the champions of cosplay competitions from all over the world. The preliminary round will take place at the AniNite, the winner will represent Austria in the finals at the SFeraKon 2023 in Zagreb.

THE FuyuCon contest is taking place at the AniNite again! Convince everyone why exactly YOU should become Mr. or Ms. Fuyu! This program event is part of the Conathlon, all info can be found here .

This year the Italian cover band ”Chocoboband” will bring us their epic take on the music of The Black Mages and Nobuo Uematsu to the AniNite! 🔥🤘 The Chocoboband will bring us their own interpretations of the best Final Fantasy soundtracks, with complex rearrangements and even recordings of entire choirs. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Are you ready? You’re wondering for what? AMV Contest!!! In this timeslot, all AMVs that have been submitted in the professional category will be shown.


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We auction you or something you want to auction. Any ideas are welcome. Then come to the info booth every day of the AniNite in the morning and sign up for the charity auction.

Have you also always guessed along with excitement when you were watching TV back then? We dreamily think back … and use our nostalgia to make our own version of it! The questions for the “LoriCon Uens, zwoa oder drei!” are coming from different areas. Manga, anime, games, but also western cartoons in anime style, as well as similar fandoms can appear! Don’t be afraid to join in, in case of an emergency one can always take a guess. Don’t take it too seriously ( because neither do we …), having fun in this game is definitely in the spotlight here! This program event is part of the Conathlon, you can find all info here .

Lolita, Decora, Visual Kei, Fairy Kei, … Japanese fashion is as versatile as Japan itself. More and more people around the world are inspired by Harajuku’s street fashion. But did you know that there are many different styles in the Japanese fashion community? Do you want to learn more about each style, what makes them tick and where to buy J-Fashion clothes? Then be sure to stop by our colorful J-Fashion show on Sunday at the AniNite! ✨

The Charity Heroes Austria are volunteering cosplayers and furries who are there for children that are not doing so well. You can find out here how you too can do something good as a cosplayer/furry or civilian helper. You can listen to heartwarming stories from our Heroes, and see great pictures of the missions. There’s time for Q&A, too, of course!

The grand prize drawing will take place on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at the main stage. If your lot is drawn, you also have until 3 p.m. to pick up your prize at the charity area. Should you not have picked up your prize by 3:00pm, it will be redrawn at the contest prize giveaway until a winner is present. All informations about the Charity Tombola you can find here.

The Dance Contest will be rocking the stage at the AniNite! Whether it’s J-pop, K-pop, Vocaloid, your own choreography or dance covers – there’s something for everyone here. This year you were able to apply in two categories, K-POP – Back to the Roots & Open Program. All infos are available here.

Our cosplay contest that focuses on the handiwork behind the cosplay. Drop by and marvel at the beautiful homemade cosplays! All infos about the X Cosplay can be found here.

How can one become a voice actor and what is the most fun about it? No matter what you ever wanted to ask Marios Gavrilis, this Q&A gives you the opportunity to ask your questions!

No Bashing – just Awareness! This is the motto of NERDSISTERS. Ari, Lea and Iris talk about topics from the nerd scene in their podcast every two weeks, but always with a feminist focus. Their goal: to make FLINTA* more visible in the nerd world. Join us live as the NERDSISTERS record an episode about beauty ideals in the nerd world during AniNite. Join their discussion and take the chance to be on the podcast.

Seoyul, aka Firefly, is a native South Korean who moved to Austria to study piano. Her musical journey took her not only into the world of classical music, but also into that of anime, K-pop and videogames! She is active on stages, Twitch and YouTube.

Kang, aka Gangwon, on the other hand, is the creative head who makes sure that the content has something to offer visually as well. As MC he also provides the atmosphere during the live streams.

The anime, manga and J-Culture community consists of many contributors: Publishers, artists, dealers, translators and many more. Without all these many people and companies, we would not be able to enjoy our common passion so extensively, and we think that has to be celebrated! The Golden Sakura Awards ceremony will be held here. All the info on these awards is here.

Award ceremonies

There will be an award ceremony taking place every day. You can find informations about the individual award ceremonies here. If you have participated in a competition and cannot be present at the corresponding award ceremony, please come to the information booth and provide a substitute. Prices will NOT be shipped abroad! These award ceremonies will take place on the respective days:


Mitsurin (Arcade High Score Jagd, Zombie Dice Challenge, Streetfighter, Baron Cup, Schnitzeljagd)
Pokémon Videogames Einzelturnier
AMV Anfänger
Character Cosplay


Mitsurin (Arcade High Score Jagd, Zombie Dice Challenge, Puyo Puyo, Flippermania, Schnitzeljagd)
Pokémon Videogames Doppelturnier
AMV Fortgeschrittene, Profis, Publikumsliebling, Jurys Choice
Conathlon (Schätz den Preis, Soundquiz)


Mitsurin (Arcade High Score Jagd, Zombie Dice Challenge, EndCycle VS, Ubongo, Schnitzeljagd, Gesamtgewinner*in)
Pokémon Videogames Doppelturnier
Dance Contest
X Cosplay
Conathlon (Gesamtgewinner*in)
Fanart, Foto, Kurzgeschichten, Meme