Open Stage Cosplay

The new event for all those who want to present their cosplay out of competition and only in front of an audience.

You want to show your cosplay to a big audience without competitive pressure? Just meet other cosplayers who who share your love for cosplay, and gain show – experience and shine on stage?

Regardless of whether you have just started cosplaying or have been with us for a long time:
At the Open Stage Cosplay, the stage is really open for everyone who wants to step on stage and celebrated without the stress of a competition.

Cosplays and OCs (= original characters, e.g. your DnD character), the genderbend version of a character and gejinkas are allowed.

There is no scoring, so no one is eliminated.

We look forward to your participation! Register HERE!


You know those beautiful stamps you can get in a booklet at make stations in Japan? That’s exactly what inspired us to create ConStamp. What is ConStamp?

Grab your ConBook and enjoy the Con. If you have been to certain areas, you will get a stamp. If you could collect all the stamps, you can get a small reward at the information booth.


On the whole location you can find 10 WANTED pictures with our mascots. – We won’t tell you which ones they are 😉.
Take a selfie with each small poster and show it to the info booth. After that you will get a little something.

Graphics Tablets

Have you ever wanted to work with a graphics tablet but never had the chance?
You have already thought about buying a tablet but want to test it first or you just don’t know which one suits you?
Or have you been to a drawing class and want to try out what you learned?
Maybe you are interested in the fanart competition and want to get to know the sponsor of the graphic tablets.

No problem, because this year for the first time you will have the opportunity to try out three different graphic tablet models in the creative area and to express yourself creatively.

In cooperation with XP-Pen you can try out and get to know the following models in the creative corner.

  • Artist 22 Gen 22
  • Artist Pro 14 Gen 2
  • Deco LW

If you have problems or questions while drawing you can always ask the team of the creative area for tips!
Feel free to visit the website for further questions to XP-Pen about the exhibited models as well as all other models.