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Are you ready to LIPSYNC for your life?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Give it your all at our LipSync Battles, now in their fourth year! There are still opportunities for you to spontaneously take the stage.

You can find the performances from last year here:

Registration takes place exclusively on site at the information booth in the entrance area of AniNite. Registration closes one hour before the start of the competition, and the LipSync Battles will take place on Saturday on the main stage of AniNite. But maybe you’re lucky and there are still slots available, in which case you can spontaneously get on stage!

The judging team for this competition is none other than our wonderful tech team!

Conditions of participation:

  • If you cannot be present at the awards ceremony, you must report to the information booth and provide contact information. The awards ceremony for the LipSync Battles will take place on Saturday (8/13/2022).
  • Prices will NEVER be sent abroad!
  • The entry form is located at the information desk and must be filled out COMPLETELY.
  • With the contest registration you give us the permission to stream your performance LIVE and to use the videos later.


  • Registration deadline: one hour prior to the LipSync program slot on 8/13/2022. The exact time of the program slot will be published with the program schedule.
  • Songs must not be longer than 4 minutes!
  • Pair or group performances are allowed.

Contest and evaluation procedure

Register in time at the information booth and show up 15 minutes before the LipSync Battles start. The tech team will determine the winners.