The anime, manga and J-Culture community consists of many contributors: Publishers, artists, dealers, translators and many more. Without all these many people and companies, we would not be able to enjoy our common passion so extensively, and we think that has to be celebrated!

Therefore, for the first time, there will be a very special award ceremony at AniNite 2024:

✨🌸 Die Golden Sakura Awards! 🌸✨


As this award is intended to recognise the most important pillars of our community, we want you to be involved at every stage! We will create a post for each category.
You can propose your nominees in each category here until 30 April.

As a small “thank you” we will raffle off two ConTickets among all nominations!

Categories of 2024

Local Artists
Lokale Cosplayer
Manga publishers
Merchandise Dealer
Voice actors


The winners of the Golden Sakura Awards will receive a special trophy. Should they not be present at AniNite, we will send the trophies by mail.