AniNite is the biggest anime convention in all of Austria. That is a fact. The only question is, “Who do we have to thank for such a great event?” Maybe you too!

The AniNite team consists of volunteers. We work for it all year without earning a cent. Our reward is the thanks and enthusiasm of our visitors. This enthusiasm is contagious and leads to more visitors every year. Therefore, every year we need more volunteers to strengthen our existing team.

Supporters who have not yet reached the age of 16 need a:
Declaration of consent of the parents

You don’t know for which area you should sign up? HERE you can find an overview of all areas that still need support!

How to apply?

As every year, there will of course be crew meetings for info about the AniNite for new crew members.
If you have any questions, just send us a message via the contact form.

That’s what YOU get for helping us:

Creative freedom!
Crew members have even more chances to bring their ideas and perceptions to the concept of AniNite. Something bothers you about AniNite? Why not join the team and help make AniNite better!

Exclusive, strictly limited free t-shirts!
AniNite Crew T-Shirts are even more limited than the “Limited Special Collectors Edition”. There are only available for our crew.

Top-Secret Background Infos!
As crewmember you hear the latest AniNite news before anyone else.

Excellent career opportunities!
People who would like to take on a little more responsibility are always welcome here.

Exclusive V.I.P. Party!
As mentioned, unfortunately we cannot pay salaries. We try to express our gratitude for your contribution in other ways. Therefore, there is a really great celebration for all crewmembers as a thank you a few days/weeks later.

Job reference!
With credit for years of service: each crew member may receive a “certificate of service.” It could then say: “Ms. X was shift manager for the AniNite bar. She coordinated her bar shift with five employees. etc.”. Doesn’t that sound good when you have to apply for a job? Furthermore, we can make an effort that your work for the association can be credited as an internship for your studies.

All inclusive stay!
As a crewmember, not only do you get into the event for free, there are also free drinks (excluding energy drinks, alcohol and imported goods) and free food for all crewmembers.

Meet amazing people!
Many friendships have already been made in the AniNite team. This is THE opportunity to meet nice people and experience something great with them.

Regulated working conditions
because we want many motivated employees, we have set limits for ourselves.

What we want from you:

Commitment and enthusiasm!
Active implementation of the basics of personal hygiene, as well as knowledge of the German language are a must for all crewmembers.

Age Minimum!
Crew members should be at least 16 years old. Otherwise we need a personal and written consent of the parents. Persons who handle money must be able to calculate well in their heads and be at least 18 years old.

You must have the physical and mental fitness for your assigned work area.

Please understand that while you are not getting paid, the job still needs to be done and many people rely on you.

Assembly and disassembly are also part of this job.