After a long Corona break it’s time again! The World Cosplay Summit – Contest will take place again!


The World Cosplay Summit was founded in 2003 by the Japanese TV station TV Aichi to promote cosplay outside of Japan. In 2013, a separate company (WCS Inc.) was founded to host the event and competition.

Until 2005, the World Cosplay Summit did not have a real competition. The WCS was intended to gather cosplayers from around the world in Nagoya with the support of the government’s “Cool Japan” initiative. Today, the WCS is an international cosplay championship with participants from 22 countries around the world. Participants must first qualify in one or more preliminary rounds in their countries.

Austria has been in the preliminary since 2018 and thus also in the final since 2019. The Austrian preliminary will take place at AniNite. The winning team of the preliminary competition travels to Nagoya (Japan) the following year to compete in the final in front of tens of thousands of fans on the covered outdoor stage of OASIS 21. An experienced jury, supported by mangakas (e.g. Go Nagai), famous musicians (e.g. Ichiro Mizuki, May’n) and anime voice actors (e.g. Toru Furuya) selects winners in various categories as well as a WCS Grand Champion.

However, the WCS Finals competition is only one component of the multi-day event. Cosplayers experience nearly two weeks of parades, stage performances, press events, and official visits to Nagoya state and city officials.

For more information, visit the World Cosplay Summit Wikipedia page.

The WCS is on Saturday between 12 -13 o’clock. The award ceremony is on Sunday between 3 to 5 pm.


A Elementare rules

  1. The country will be represented by a team consisting of 2 cosplayers. Participation is only possible in teams of 2 persons. One person cannot participate in two different teams. Subsequent changes in cast, performance or costumes are not possible.
  2. All participants must have a valid AniNite ticket for the day of the competition. We cannot provide or reserve tickets. core/list-item
  3. Cosplayers need a proof of citizenship or a certificate of permanent residence (in Austria). Otherwise a permanent proof of residence is required.
  4. Cosplayers must be at least 18 years old or older. Younger cosplayers must have permission from a parent or guardian, who must also be able to come to Japan. – Question: see end of document: Traveling to Japan alone?
  5. The announcement of the winners will take place during the closing ceremony of AniNite. Cosplayers must be present in costume at this time. Furthermore, they are asked to be available for possible further LIVE broadcasts or recordings after the event.
  6. The organizer of the national preliminary may determine the form of the competition.
  7. Both members of the team must wear costumes from the same Japanese manga, anime, video game or live action (real film). The costumes must be made by the cosplayers themselves. Minor accessories or parts needed for the performance, as well as wigs, shoes, etc. may be purchased.
  8. Characters from dojinshis, anthologies, or live action adaptations of a manga/anime/video game are not allowed.
  9. If making a costume from a game, the character must be recognizably of Japanese origin; that is, not a Disney or Star Wars character, character from cartoons, comics, or live action productions, even if the game was produced in Japan.
  10. The support of family or friends is acceptable to a limited extent, but the predominant handwork by the cosplayers* is desired.
  11. No own helpers are allowed in the backstage area and on stage. An AniNite helper will be available for each team.
  12. The audience or other persons may not be actively involved in the performance. Throwing objects into the audience or to the jury is prohibited.
  13. Participants must be present on time according to the schedule. (Exact time schedules will be sent by e-mail). If teams are not present or only partially present, this will be considered as a withdrawal.

B Duties of the representatives

  1. Participants are asked to work together in a committed, friendly, respectful manner and to approach the project with a positive attitude so that the success of the WCS can be ensured together.
  2. The media (TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc.) are allowed to publish pictures and impressions from the preliminary competition before the WCS. No compensation will be paid.
  3. The image rights of any media publication such as news programs or other selected media involved in the WCS, promotional activities in the print media, as well as events and performances, announcements of the WCS before the finals and during the representatives’ stay in Japan are attributed to the executive committee of the WCS.
  4. After the end of the WCS, images of cosplayers, photos, broadcasts, homepages and DVDs etc. will be the responsibility of the WCS Committee. After the end of the WCS, pictures of the cosplayers, photos, broadcasts, homepages and DVDs etc. fall under the responsibility of the WCS Committee. Compensation for images published by media will not be paid (Participants are asked to sign the relevant consent for this).

C Rights of the representatives

  1. The representatives receive the right as alumni (former representative) in the following year at designated alumni groups to perform tasks especially intended for these groups and thus to participate in the program of the WCS.

D Important points concerning participation

  • In addition to the rules of WCS and for the evaluation, we consider the following specifications important:
    The cosplayers shall behave during the whole process of creating their cosplays and during possible video shoots / photo shoots according to the upright measures, if any, which have been established for the containment of the Corona virus in cities and countries. Measures may differ within countries and regions.
  • Participants are asked to take utmost care when filming with their environment. In the case of filming in other people’s premises, this cannot always be done without the relevant permits. In the event that such permits are required, they must be obtained prior to filming or shooting.
  • In addition, all scenery and props should be properly dismantled and removed, and permanent damage avoided. If there is a need for cleaning services, they are to be provided.
    The provision or lack of such evidence should not affect the final score, but it may be used as a basis for judging for the Special Award Environmentally Conscious Considerations (Environmental Awareness). This evaluation will only take place among the teams that have submitted such evidence.
  1. Wie in den Wettbewerbs- und Beurteilungsregeln spezifiziert sind selbst- und fremdgefährdendes Verhalten sowie ethisch fragwürdiger Inhalt nicht erlaubt.
    Darüber hinaus sind folgende Fristen zur Einreichung der Arbeiten einzuhalten:
    • bis 01. August 2023: schriftliche Anmeldung zum Wettbewerb durch Übermittlung von:
      – individuellen Daten (Cos- Namen, bürgerlicher Namen, Cosplays) Kurzprofile der Teilnehmer*innen.
      • script for the performance (including information about the video and/or audio sources used).
      • List of stage elements/props brought by the participants.
      • Audio and / or video files for the background of the performance.
      • The formats and contents of the mentioned files must be available as ready-to-play mp3 – files. Only one (1) ready-to-play mp3 file with the maximum performance time is allowed as background audio. The file will be played from the beginning of the performance.
      • Short explanation of the performed scene and its connection to the anime, manga, ect.
  2. Until August 07, 2023: Submission of costume information for judging:
    • enough photos to document the process of creation,
  3. ausreichend Vorlagenbilder der Kostüme, Props, Waffen, ect. Als Vorlage ist eine Datei mit max. A4-Größe per Charakter zugelassen. Collagen sind dabei möglich.
    Die Kostüme werden ausschließlich anhand der Vorlage bewertet. Diese sollte den Charakter vollständig zeigen. Es wird empfohlen, Vorlagen aus nur einer Quelle zusammenzustellen (Manga / Artbook / Anime), um Unterschiede bei den Versionen zu vermeiden.
    • The formats and contents of the mentioned documents must be in PDF format.
    • Representatives are requested to submit additional documents if requested at a later date.
    • The registration is only valid after receiving the confirmation email. If the participants have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours, please send a short request via the AniNite email contact or directly via social media to Koi or Kira.

E Important points concerning the costume and the performance

Scoring rules:

Judges will award points based on the following categories: Costume: quality and completeness of the making of the costume and all details. Props: skillful handling on stage. Performance: portrayal of the characters, quality of performance and flow. Resemblance: recognition of the character from anime, manga ect. in costume and embodiment on stage.

Rules for costumes

Contestants* become a finalist by winning a local qualifying competition that year. The same costume worn in the qualifying tournament must be brought to the finals. They are specifically allowed (and encouraged) to make improvements, add props and the like to their costume. The costume will account for 50% of the score. The costume may consist of sewing work, crafting work, armor pieces, or a combination thereof. Wigs, accessories, props and weapons, will be counted towards the costume. The cosplay must be homemade, with the exception of lenses, shoes, wigs, and minor details (fasteners, buttons, small jewelry, and the like). Minor accessories or parts needed for the performance, as well as wigs, shoes, etc. may be purchased. If wigs and/ or any other part of the costume was made by a third party before purchase (commission), this must be reported to the jury. If shoes and wigs are changed after purchase, participants must do it personally. Help from friends and family may be used to make the costume, but only if the help is limited and the contestants have done most of the work themselves. The judges must be informed if and with which parts one had help with the costume. This can be taken into account in the final result. Costumes must be based on officially published fictional characters. No original cosplays or cosplays based on fan art are allowed. Contestant must clearly state which version of which character their costume represents and provide reference images. The audience could include underage spectators. Costumes and performances must not be too revealing. AniNite is a youth event and appropriate behavior is assumed. Depictions of extreme scenes of violence or self-mutilation are not permitted. Participants cannot reuse a costume in which they won a qualifier or final in previous years. They can only reuse the costumes in which they previously participated but did not win. Participants* will be judged by a panel of experienced personalities. The costume will be judged behind the scenes, where the jury can examine the costume in detail and ask questions about the making of the costume. The performance of the cosplayers* will be judged based on their performance in costume making and on stage. The jury has the right to exclude participants if they suspect that their costume (or significant parts of it) has been purchased or commissioned.

Rules for the performance:

The performance accounts for 50% of the judging. The length of the stage performance must be at least 2 minutes, but no more than 3 minutes. Stage decorations are allowed as long as they can be completely set up on stage in under 60 seconds before the performance by the contestants and an AniNite helper (no own helpers). Likewise, all decorations and props must be able to be cleared away by the participants and a helper after the performance without leaving any residue. The stage decorations must be able to stand on their own. The decoration elements must be easy to transport by the participants themselves. Weapons and stage decorations must not be made of easily flammable material. The organizer reserves the right not to allow individual weapons or stage decorations at the competition at any time. Please indicate in the application what is required for the performance in order to clarify possible occasions in advance. The participants* must submit either a video or a picture with a music title. This will be displayed during their performance – from the moment they enter the stage. Special effects must be arranged with the organizers in advance. Unfortunately, the venue cannot provide special sound or lighting effects. Sharp blades are strongly discouraged and the organizers must be informed in advance (the usual weapons rules apply). Technical equipment of the organizer must be handled with care, participants* may be held liable for damages.

F Miscellaneous

The announcement of the winners will take place during the closing ceremony of AniNite. Cosplayers must be present in costume at this time. Furthermore, they are asked to be available for possible further LIVE broadcasts or recordings after the event. Subsequent delivery or payment of any prizes is excluded. Acceptance by an authorized AniNite visitor is permitted. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants or groups from the competition without giving reasons or not to admit them. The organizer and its partners do not assume any liability for objects, valuables or self-inflicted accidents brought along. Failure to comply with these rules may result in exclusion from the competition or the event. During the AniNite competitions photos, audio and video recordings will be made. All participants* agree that any material may be used and shared by AniNite and its partners without restriction and without compensation. The house rules of AniNite apply. G Important for the winning team

The final in Japan is divided into two rounds.

The winning team at the WCS preliminary competition is eligible to participate in the first round. Participants must be at least 18 years old when they travel to Japan for the World Cosplay Summit. Participants under the age of 18 must have written permission from their legal guardians to travel to Japan alone. We recommend that participants consult with their employer before registering for the event to determine if they will be taking leave to travel to Japan!


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